Walk, skip, dance, or run for your health and food justice.

Why I am a Champion for this Cause

I believe that Food is a Human Right.

In my work with GreenStar Community Projects and in the wider community, I am trying every day to figure out *how to make Food Justice a reality*.  I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to grow and raise much of my own food… the best quality, freshest, and most delicious food imaginable!  But there are SO MANY of my friends and acquaintances here who don’t get to eat the way I do… not because they wouldn’t like to, but most often because they can’t afford it. *We need to change this.*

We have a lot of wonderful things going on in our *amazing local food system*: Ithaca Farmers Market, GreenStar Co-op, Groundswell, the Youth Farm Project, Ithaca Community Harvest (and many more), tons of fantastic farm and food businesses. But we really need to buckle down as a community and figure this out together. *How are we going to ramp up our local food system so that EVERYONE benefits*? What do we need to do to ensure that *EVERYONE has access* to affordable, healthful, locally grown foods? And that *EVERYONE has access to land* *and economic opportunities*, the chance to be part of the growing local food economy?

*We need your help to build a robust and just local food system.* With your support, GreenStar Community Projects will be bringing together organizations, businesses, and other stakeholders in the local food system this fall to begin planning for the infrastructure, distributions systems, financing, and other pieces of the just food system we need. *This is going to take resources, and it’s going to take commitment from a LOT of people*.

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